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New Identity cards for Telangana People Soon


New Identity cards for Telangana People Soon. based on Telangana household survey, CM KCR started using the household survey data. on 7th october kcr taken some important decisions like replacing Food Security cards in place of Ration cards. Here onwards there will be no use of having Ration card in Telangana.

The other important development is T Government is going to issue the Special Citizenship card which the locality of a person would be clearly mentioned. These cards will be only issued to the locals of Telangana. So on what parameters Locality is finalized is yet to take a final call.

Few more important decisions like issuing Pension Letters to the old, issuing caste certificates, along with this he also directed Collectors to complete Farmer loan waiver by this month 15th.

Watch the video for more details..

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