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Nizamabad District

Nizamabad District
Nizamabad District

Nizamabad is a city and a municipal corporation in Nizamabad District of Telangana. It is also known as Indur and is the headquarter of Nizamabad district. According to the Indian census (2011), the population is recorded as 310,467 which makes it the 3rd most populous city in Telangana. Nizmabad city is one of 36 mandals in the Nizamabad district, located 171 kilometres (106 mi) north of the state capital, Hyderabad.


Nizamabad was ruled by the king Nizam in the 18th century, and took its name from him. In 1905 the railway line between Secundrabad and Manmad was constructed. The railway station was named after then ruler of the Nizam state Nizam-ul-Mulk as Nizamabad.The railway connects Hyderabad and Mumbai and is a north-south corridor. The city is 161 km (100 mi) from Hyderabad and 640 km (400 mi) from Mumbai.

The Nizam Sagar dam was constructed in 1923 across the Manjira River at the village of Achampet. It irrigates 250,000 acres (1,000 km2; 390 sq mi) of land in Nizamabad District.

Mandals in Nizamabad District

1 Ranjal 13 Yeda palle 25 Sadasivanagar
2 Navipet 14 Bodhan 26 Gandhari
3 Nandipet 15 Kotgiri 27 Banswada
4 Armur 16 Madnur 28 Pitlam
5 Balkonda 17 Jukkal 29 Nizamsagar
6 Mortad 18 Bichkunda 30 Yellareddy
7 Kammar palle 19 Birkoor 31 Naga Reddipet
8 Bheemgal 20 Varni 32 Lingampet
9 Velapur 21 Dichpalle 33 Tadwai
10 Jakranpalle 22 Dhar palle 34 Kamareddy
11 Makloor 23 Sirkonda 35 Bhiknur
12 Nizamabad 24 Machareddy 36 Domakonda

Tourist attractions in Nizamabad

There are many tourist places in Nizamabad district, prominent among them are Nizamsagar, Pochampad, Pocharam, Alisagar and Nizamabad Fort etc, apart from places of religious prominence like Limbadri Narsimhaswamy temple, Lingappa Swamy Temple, Peddagutta etc. Nizamsagar project is constructed at Achampet village on the river Manjeera, a major tributary of Godhavari. Beautiful flower gardens are grown on both sides of dam with dakbunglow facilities. A hydro electric power station is also established near Hassanpally villege of nizamsagar Mandal. Pochampad project is constructed at Pochampad Village on the River Godhavari. This is also a place of Tourist interest.


Pocharam reservoir is located on Hyderabad-Nizamsagar road. This was constructed on the river Aler the dam site is considered to be beautiful picnic spot attracting many visitors from Hyderabad.


Alisagar Reservoir is situated at a distance of 13Km from Nizamabad which is another important picnic spot, close to Nizamabad. A beautiful garden raised here attract picnickers from Nizamabad. Nizamabad Fort was developed on an original temple of Ram Mandir constructed by Raghunath Das, who had also constructed a big tank which, is the main water source for Nizamabad town till today. Later the temple was developed into a fort.

Alisagar is the beautiful garden developed by Nizam of Hyderabad. This is under the control of Irrigation Department as the Garden is under the bund of Alisagar Tank maintained by Irrigation Department. The Garden is in acres with fountains and has lot of flowers, Deer Park, Tree House. The Garden is very poorly maintained due to insufficient funds and non-availability of technical no-how in garden maintenance. There is an island inside the Alisagar lake. Boating facility in the tank has been introduced recently. About 1000 to 2000 people visit the Alisagar garden on Sundays. Alisagar is situated about 10 K.Ms. away from the Nizamabad town and 2 K.Ms. from Nizamabad-Basar route.


There is a beautiful garden under Nizamsagar Project. This is in the Sangareddy – Nanded – Akola Road about (150) K.Ms. from Hyderabad. There is a garden, swimming pool and Guest Houses are all in poor maintenance. During rainy season many people visit from Karnataka, Maharashtra and neighboring districts like Medak, Karimnagar and Hyderabad. Boating facility has been introduced.

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