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Now find rtc bus on your mobile


If you are finding it difficult to locate bus routes in the city, help is on hand now. For the benefit of bus commuters in city, a user-friendly, a Hyderabad-based technocrat has launched a free mobile app called ‘Find Bus at Hyd’, which will be available on both Android and iOS platforms. The app has many features that help users find buses, identify bus routes and locate bus stops near important locations.

Telangana RTC busUsing data provided by the APSRTC website, the app provides route maps and other relevant information related to all buses plying within the suburban limits. Speaking at the launch event, Revathi, developer of the Android version of the app, said that she came up with the idea to create ‘FindBus@Hyd’ after facing problems while traveling in city RTC buses.

“I found it hard to understand which bus goes to which location, which bus number is better to use and other such details. I would ask others for this information, but it was not very helpful,” she said. “One can put in the source and destination and receive all buses that ply in that route.

The route map is also provided. If you want to know the route that a bus takes, then you can get the route by simply typing in the number,” she said. Siddhartha Kongara, director of Riktam Technology, which has developed the app, said that the app is even more helpful considering that it doesn’t need internet connectivity. “Once you download the app, there is no need for any internet connectivity, the app works offline. We are sure that this will be even more helpful for citizens of all age groups,” he said.

Developer of the iOS version of the app, Mounica, said that if no direct bus was available from point A to point B, then the app would show an intermediary bus stop where the user could get down and board another bus. “Not all sources and destinations have direct buses, so we have included the intermediary option, where people can change buses and go to their destinations,” she said.

The developer also revealed that another feature called ‘Directions’ would enable the user to find out bus stops nearer to them. “This feature requires internet, but it very helpful. It would help users to locate a bus stop nearer to them and help them in reaching their destination,” said Mounica.

Riktam MD Siddharam Shingshetty said that the information for the app was being obtained from the APSRTC website. “We are working with RTC officials to ensure that up to date information is given to the app user,” he said. “The app would have a feature that would also enable them to check when the next bus would be available.

Live tracking and bus frequency, travel durations and real time location of bus are something we are looking to add to the app with the assistance of APSRTC,” said Siddharam. Siddhartha said the firm was working to provide more socially helpful apps. “We want all bus commuters to have a smooth journey,” he said.

Source: Metroindia

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