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NRI cell Telangana to be set up soon


The State Government of Telangana is going to set up a dedicated NRI cell Telangana along the lines of Punjab and Kerala to help the Telanganites working abroad.

The cell will be headed by a superintendent of police. On receiving complaints from overseas Telanganites or from the Indian missions in the host countries, the cell will assist the workers in resolving their problems.

The NRI cell will launch a 24-hour toll-free helpline at the police headquarters with the primary objective of speedy disposal of complaints the Non-Resident Telanganites (NRTs) complaints.

The families of the NRIs in the state can also avail the service to lodge complaints on matters concerning them or their families in the country. They can also e-mail their complaints to the NRI cell, which would be addressed on a priority basis.

The Telangana government is also planning to set up a separate department for the welfare of NRIs. In the undivided AP, a cell was set up, which used to function occasionally when NRIs faced any problems in host countries.

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