Panagal Utsavalu 2016 from April 27 to 29


The State government is all set to conduct the third Panagal Utsavalu 2016 from April 27 to 29. Commissioner, Tourism, has written a letter to Nalgonda District Collector P. Satyanarayana Reddy informing him about the State government’s decision.

Panagal Utsavalu 2016

The State government had conducted the Panagal Utsavalu for the first time in 2001.

But there were no efforts to continue the tradition until the then district Collector N. Muktheshwara Rao, took the initiative to conduct the festival for second time in 2012. The event drew overwhelming response from all sections of people as a huge number of people attended the fete.

Panagal to be developed as tourism spot

The Telangana government is planning to develop the historic place Panagal as a tourist spot, said Pangal Development Committee in-charge Konduru Satyanarayana.

In this connection, the district officials were preparing a project report with an estimated cost of Rs 8,000 crore to develop greenery at Udaya Samudram reservoir bund, lighting arrangements, boating in the water body, construction of a new guest house, drinking water facility and set up playing equipment for children, he explained.

Panagal History

Panagal of Nalgonda was also an important religious place during Kakatiya period. An inscription mentioning the name of Kakatiya’s greatest king Pratap Rudra on Pachala Someswara temple supports the claim that these temples were erected for the greater glory of the Kakatiya ruler’s favorite god, Shiva.There are two famous Shiva temples, Chaya Someswara Swamy temple and Pachala Someswara temple.

The Shiva lingam of Chaya Someswara (chaya means “shadow” in Telugu) is, when daylight is present, straddled by a permanent shadow of a pillar.

The pillars of the temple are decorated in great detail with relief sculpture of episodes from the two great Epics of India, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

Statues and sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses dating back to Ikshvaku dynasty of 1st century AD are preserved and protected at the museum constructed in the compound of Pachala Someswara Swamy temple.