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Pawan Kalyan doesn’t take Remuneration!


Pawan-Kalyan-PoliticalParallel cinema has been introduced by RGV might be but Chiranjeevi used to do the same in the past just by taking no remuneration but taking Nizam profits as his share for the movie.

If at all movie goes super hit he gets good amount and if it fails he gets a decent one because Chiranjeevi has a good base in Nizam even now or past.

Now pawan kalyan and Venkatesh wants to work the same for Gopala Gopala they doesn’t want to take remuneration for the movie but will be sharing the profits post release . If at all movie goes a biggie Kalyan will be getting 10crores and Venki 4crores , if not Producer will be in safe zone.

RGV recently discussed about the same and he proved it by taking Ice cream movie .

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