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PM Modi Madison Square Garden speech Video


Watch Video of Indian PM Modi Madison Square Garden speech Video. Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi will address a crowd of 25,000 at full house arena at the Madison Square Garden, New York.

PM Narendra Modi said, We should all make efforts towards developmental policies. Lets us all work towards delivering on promises made. We should all combine our efforts towards making the world a better place both economically and socially.

Next year we will celebrate 70th anniversary. We should all come together and try to work towards on fulfilling the promises made on security council. Let us all come together to make 2015 a year of development.

When we talk about combating terrorism, then we should take pros and cons of every member into consideration. Even today 2.5 billion people are devoid of sanitation facilities. 1.1 people are being deprived of pure drinking water. We should all take such matters into consideration. My (Indian) government is working comprehensively on such issues.

PM Modi Madison Square Garden speech Video


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