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PM Narendra Modi’s Top 10 Quotes on Teacher’s Day

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing children across the country on Teachers’ Day. After a speech in which he stressed on the need for more quality teachers, PM Modi took questions from students.

Here are some of his quotable quotes:

  1. I never thought (that I would become PM or famous in the world). I didn’t even run for class monitor back in school.
  2. Yes, I am a taskmaster and it is not that I don’t work hard myself.
  3. Work hard, play hard and sweat a lot at least four times a day. Don’t be glued to books all day.
  4. Never ever let the child in you die. This is the age when a small child thinks he can climb a wall.
  5. India is a young nation. Can’t we think of exporting good teachers? Why can’t our children think, ‘I want to be a good teacher’? What is the reason why a lot of people don’t want to be teachers? We must think about this. The world needs good teachers.
  6. ‘Google guru’ is mostly used these days. It may give information, but it doesn’t give knowledge.
  7. There was a time when teacher used to command great respect. The times have gradually changed. We need to restore how it used to be.
  8. Can there be any child who isn’t naughty? I was also naughty. We used to go to weddings and quietly staple people’s clothes together. But promise me you wouldn’t do such things.
  9. Serving the nation doesn’t mean dying for it or doing politics. You don’t need to do grand things. You can contribute by saving electricity and protecting the environment.
  10. I don’t consider politics a profession. It is a form of service. And the need to serve rises from a sense of belonging.


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