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Pocharam Dam is A Beautiful Picnic Spot in Telangana


Located at a distance of 14.6 km from Medak, the Pocharam Dam Reservoir is a popular tourist destination of Telangana. Also known as the Pocharam Dam Reservoir, it was constructed between 1916 and 1922 and straddles the Allair River, a tributary of Manjira River.

The site of the dam made misty by the frothy waters of the dam and being surrounded by lush greenery is a scenic spot for a picnic. Families throng to this place for a pleasant day out. As the water flows over the steps of the Dam, it gives it the appearance of being a road of water. Walking or riding through this makes it a beautiful experience which makes Pocharam Reservoir a perfect must see tourist attraction of Telangana State.

The Pocharam Dam reservoir is also a popular destination for fishing. The huge expanse of water, provided by the Pocharam Lake, ensures the abundance of fish and promises everyone a good catch.

The Pocharam reservoir does not have any flood gates, unlike other dams or reservoirs. This gives it a unique characteristic. All excess water overflows from the dam making it look like a wall of water. In the monsoons when the water overflows it provides a beautiful view.

Nizam Bungalow is situated near Pocharam Dam Reservoir which is constructed during 1916 to 1922. There is an island in the centre of the reservoir which is a home for various species of herbs. One can avail boat facility at the reservoir to reach the island. The boat journey to the island is a nice experience to nature lovers. One can have a nice walk in the island.

The road from Hyderabad, located at a distance of 110 km, to the lake is lined with beautiful paddy fields and lush green vegetation. The Pocharam Reservoir is also home to a mini sanctuary. The surrounding greenery aids it become a happy home for various kinds of birds. Bird watchers get a lot of opportunity to view exotic species of the avian family who often visit the area.

Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary is situated near Pocharam Reservoir.

Special Attractions:

– Walk on the banks of the reservoir.
– Nizam Bungalow
– Water flow from the reservoir during monsoon season.

Distance to Pocharam Reservoir:

– Distance from MGBS Hyderabad is 114 Kms (3 hours drive)
– Distance from Medak Town is 15 Kms (30 min drive)
– Distance from Lingampally is 99 Kms (2.2 hours drive)
– Distance from Warangal is 166 Kms (4 hours drive)

Nearby Attractions:

– Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary
– Medak Fort
– Medak Cathedral

Where to stay:

Medak provides ample accommodation options that are clean, comfortable and affordable. Moreover, being quite close to Hyderabad, tourists can also travel to Medak on day trips from Hyderabad.
At Medak Anjagoud Hotels, Green Corner Hotel and Manama Hotel are some of the best accommodation options which can be explored.

How to Reach:
As Medak does not have a train station and Hyderabad is the nearest one at 110 km, tourists can reach Medak and avail private transport to reach the lake and reservoir.
State run buses ply from MGBS bus stand to Medak every 20-30 min

Source from: exploretelangana.com

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