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Polavaram Ordinance Bill seven mandals included in AP

Today Lok Sabha has passed the Polavaram Ordinance Bill with the voice vote. The following are the Telangana’s seven mandals to be included in Andhra Pradesh

List of seven mandals included in AP



VR Puram



Bhadrachalam (excluding Bhadrachalam temple)


A total of 211 village and 34 thousand families of this area will merge in Andhra Pradesh by this bill.

It is axiomatic that amidst a able action from the MPs of Telangana, Chattisgarh and Odisha, the bill on Polavaram Authorization was anesthetized in Lok Sabha with the articulation vote. Later, the abode was adjourned till 2 p.m. on Friday.

In the Lok sabha, the TRS Party MP Vinod Kumar has acerb adjoin the Bill presented by Union Home Minister apropos the admittance of 7 Mandals of Submerged areas beneath the Polavaram project, on Friday.

He common that the authorization was adjoin the built-in guarantees. He said that there was a charge to seek the assessment of the states concerned, afore alteration the boundaries of any state. He said that affective a bill in Lok Sabha after demography the assessment of the states was illegal.

It is account advertence actuality that the MPs of all the three states accustomed at an accordant accommodation to argue the move of casual the bill apropos the Polavaram Project.

MPs of Odisha and Chattisgarh abutting easily with TRS in their abortive move.

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