No Power Cuts in Telangana


Good news no Power cuts in Telangana state. while the daily demand for power in Telangana was 120 million units, Telangana State was supplying 140 million units! All scheduled power cuts across Telangana state have been lifted. The one-day power holiday to the industrial sector has also been lifted. After suffering severe power-cuts over past 3 months, you must be wondering how this has happened all of a sudden. It’s the rain gods!!

Power_Cuts_in_TelanganaContinuous rains for the past 1 week and the inflows from upper river basins into Jurala, Srisailam and Nagarjuna Sagar came like a blessing from the rain gods, to the farming community in Telangana who received water as well as power for their borewells.

It eased the tensions around the politics over power in the region. The inflows are so strong that the surplus generated seems to have influenced the NTPC in Ramagundam to shut down a 500 MW power generating unit temporarily.

All the major reservoirs are full to the brim, thanks to copious rains. The hydel stations are working full throttle because of which there is a surplus. This may last for few days till the rains stop and water levels recede. If all reservoirs are full, Telangana could have comfortable power for at least 3 months.