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Power Supply & Demand in Telangana is All-Time High!


Power Supply & Demand in Telangana is All-Time High. The Telangana state government said it spent Rs 310 Cr for purchasing 540 MU Power since the Telangana State’s formation.

Government as much as Rs 8.5 per unit at one point, in last few days, to purchase power from open market and save the crop this farming season. Despite all these efforts, there is still a huge power deficit the State is facing, thanks to an inexplicable rise in demand.

This are the statistics available with Telangana State TRANSCO to see the trends and here are some interesting observations, which can be seen in attached graph.


1. There is marked trend from Oct 3rd, of continuos increase in demand. Demand which usually peaked to 160 MU earlier now hits 180 MU.

2. With increasing demand, the State did increase supply phenomenally from a usual 120 MW to 140 MW.

3. Overall, for the available data since TS formation (there is no data for July, except for 5 days), the average requirement for power has been 144.5 MU while the average supply was 133 MU. The average deficit was 10.35 MU.

4. The black line indicating thermal power has been steady, showing no extra supply.

5. Two factors which are made a difference in power supply and helped overcome deficit partially were hydel power and purchase of power from Open market. When the hydel power was generated during heavy rains, as seen in blue line in the graph, the deficit was 0 or negligible. When the hydel power came down, the purchasing started, as seen in Orange line. While the Orange line contains both power from central generating stations (CGS) and purchases, the CGS has been steady without any big differences as Centre didn’t supply any additional power for TS despite the crisis, thanks to the political equations. So the big spike in Orange is the purchase. In the farming season in last 2 weeks itself, TS has been purchasing power every day.

The Government obviously is doing whatever it can to bridge the deficit, in view of the continued violation of AP reorganization Act by AP. The Centre clearly gave a free hand to AP, with its continuing non-chalance over the issue. While the rain gods rescued Telangana for a few weeks, things can get tougher for TS if AP refuses even the Krishnapatnam power. The Telangana State Government just loaned Rs 800 Cr from open market to finance its power purchases, which are costing a Crore for 1 MU, on some days. But even that wont be enough in these dire situation.

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