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Prakash Raj Adopted Village in Mahbubnagar District


Prakash Raj Adopted Village – After Super Star Mahesh Babu now Prakash Raj Adopted Kondareddy Palle Village in Mahbubnagar District. in Telangana state. He is inspired by the Gram Jyothi Scheme launched by the Telangana government.

Prakash Raj Adopted Village in Mahbubnagar District

Prakash Raj Adopts Kondareddy Palle Village

Prakash Raj’s words on Adopting Village

Prakash raj foundation PRF is another meaningful journey I have embarked on. It’s your support and love which has made me what I am today. It’s time for me to GIVE BACK TO LIFE… my travel and perception has made me understand the need to work for conservation of nature, art and enable people who are less fortunate.

From extending forest corridors …adopting villages .. to community farming we have vast range of issues to address. I have pledged a part of my earning into this cause. I have done this with joy. And I believe in this sharing because I’m indebted to what life has given me.

I seek your support and strength in this responsible journey. Will keep you updated on the works we take on and seek your help time to time.

Prakash Raj Adopt Mahabubnagar Village in Telangana State

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