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Rangasthalam Live updates by audience – Ram Charan and Samantha Akkineni.


Ram Charan and Samantha Akkineni’s Rangasthalam Live updates by audienceExecutive Sukumar’s Telugu film Rangasthalam, featuring Ram Charan and Samantha Akkineni, has gotten positive audits and great evaluations from watchers around the globe.

Rangasthalam is a period exact retribution show and Sukumar has composed the story and screenplay for the motion picture, which has been created by Y Naveen, Y Ravi Shankar and CV Mohan under the standard Mythri Movie Makers. The film has been given a U/A testament and its runtime is 173 minutes.

Rangasthalam Live updates by audience

Rangasthalam review live updates: We bring some viewers’ verdict on the film, as shared on Twitter. Continue to read the audience’s response:

Surya‏ @supersurya007

Half way through #Rangasthalam in London, Safari. Extremely raw, remote village backdrop, intense, few sequences with DSP musuc are, goose bump hair raising. Ramcharan Show all the way. #RangasthalamDay My verdict. The songs, Samantha , comedy etc etc are only icing on the cake. The cake is the raw, intense, rustic emotion maintained throughout the movie. The twirling climax twist adds an awe factor to the movie. DSP rocked with BGM. Ramcharan..Naatu..Arupulee #RangasthalamDay #Rangasthalam #London.The songs, Samantha, comedy etc r only icing on the cake. The cake is the raw, intense, rustic emotion maintained throughout the movie. Superb climax adds an awe factor. DSP rocked with BGM. #Ramcharan matramee gurthuntaadu #RangasthalamDay #Ramcharan chittibabu will be remembered for a long time. Aadi’ s meaty role – v.nice performance. Samantha is cute & OK. Anusaya as Rangamatha is superb with an important role. Jagapathi babu is really terrifying. Sukumar taking is fantabulous. #RangasthalamDay

Shruthi HDL‏ @Baskar_09

#Charan’s #Rangastalam Review 1st Half -> Fabulous 2nd Half -> Terrific Result -> Splendid Hit #Rating -> (4/5),Ultimate Performance By #RamCharan,You Can Watch Movie 10 Times Just For #Charan’s Performance,Must Watch Film By All Fans

B.Abhishek‏ @maverix111

First half done baane undhi ..Charan’s improvement clearly evident & good ..Sam a aa weird expressions tho koncham odd in some places ..nothing great story wise but engaging a..Sukku ka trademark in couple scenes..#Rangasthalam

Nani‏ @YursNani

Slow but Very good first half. Words can’t even describe Charans performance. Just amazing #Rangasthalam So 2nd half of the film drags a good amount. But after Jigel Rani song the movie turns very emotional and climax is just awesome. I wish Sukumar concentrated more on main story. #Rangasthalam What a fucking climax. Take a bow Sukumar and Charan. #Rangasthalam Suprise package of the movie is Anasuya. Her relationship with Charan is so beautiful. #Rangasthalam

…‏ @psmtweetz

Ram Charan acting is flawless !! Every role is well written.. This is Sukumar’s genuine heartful attempt after Jagadam.. Pre Interval & Climax drama is terrific and highly engaging.. Sukumar shot making and framing at his very best after jagadam & aarya!! #Rangasthalam

Varun Karthik‏ @Va_Runn

Done with first half…Oka normal story ni excellent ga project cheyadam lo sukku success ayyadu…visuals ithe superb…every character has got importance…good first half #Rangasthalam #RangasthalamDay Chitti babu character will be remembered …such an emotional n intriguing character it is…Charan’s best acting till date…acting improve avvadam kaadu,idi ra acting ani chupinchadu..simple ga cheppalante ruffadinchadu #Rangasthalam #RangasthalamDay 2nd half slowed down a bit,few scenes are dragged but the energy is back with jigelrani song…ooramass steps…Charan chimpi chimpi egaresadu #Rangasthalam #RangasthalamDay Excellent climax…twist bagundi…2nd half lo Oka 20mins tappithe migatadi too good…hittu movie

Pravallika Anjuri @ipravallika

#Rangasthalam has come out as this successful-crowd pulling-commercial entertainer after a longtime in TFI,besides offering newness in every bit of it. Clearly a wholesome experience which is to be felt. Rush to theatres next to you. #RamCharan chittibabu tho premalo padandi❤️

Sushanth Nallapareddy‏ @sushanthreddy

Interval. Inkokkasari Ram Charan ni (performance) emanna ante nenu account delete cheskunta… marchipothe gurthu cheyyandi. Mind = blown !! Whatteeee 1st half. Brilliant. Every actor had solid character. And very gave solid performance. DSP was amazing with his BGM. Rangasthalam took the film to new level. #Rangasthalam Whatte film !! Just when you think it’s getting predictable Sukumar brings out his genius. And climax left me speechless. That last shot. Fuck. #Rangasthalam is pure masterclass.

Saikrishna @saikrishna1224

Guys First half of the movie was Superb❤️. & Interval Were osm and First Half done with 2 Songs &Samantha were❤️ and Great cinematography and very interesting To c Second Half❤️.. #Rangasthalam #RangasthalamOnMarch30th #RangasthalamFromTomorrow #Rangasthalam review

Sudden Star‏ @ViswaTweetzz

Fantastic first half. The best in Telugu cinema until now. Rangasthalam Live updates #Rangasthalam. This film will remain as timeless classic of Telugu cinema. Sukumar crafting at its best. #Rangasthalam

vj1909‏ @vj1909

#Rangasthalam Slow here and there but overall good movie with outstanding performance from Charan .Second half last 40 mins very good with superb performance from all characters.

Prashanth Rangaswamy‏ @itisprashanth

#Rangasthalam interval – Loving the songs and BGM of @ThisIsDSP , Lot of fresh arrangements. Performance of Ramcharan – Neat . And @Samanthaprabhu2 – just loved that romantic song in the first half, looks like u have been baked by the sun, kudos to the dedication ! .

Review Ram‏ @MovieReviewRam

#Rangasthalam – Interval – #RamCharan is nailing it with crazy presence. Songs are good. @Samanthaprabhu2 portions are needlessly glamorous. Comedy works well. Presentation is neat but the progress is too slow. Script heats up with powerful break point. ‘Okay’ so far. @aryasukku

Dhanus Kumar Raja‏ @EditorDhanus

First half done a beautiful script from #sukumar #RamCharan @Samanthaprabhu2 & #adhi r taking it to next level by their wonderful performance #Rangasthalam

Idlebrain jeevi‏ @idlebrainjeevi

Watching #Rangasthalam at Serra Theaters. Interval now! Terrific charactetizations and superb technical values. Ram Charan shows extraordinary growth as an actor! It’s good so far!

Dharani Kumar‏ @dharanicherry

Just now completed first half #RamCharan performance #Rangasthalam #Rangasthalam Blockbuster #RamCharan delivered OUTSTANDING performance as Chittibabu along with @Samanthaprabhu2 SPLENDID role as Rama Lakshmi. Best Performance from Mega Powerstar #RamCharan The Besttttttttt #Rangasthalam Rangasthalam Live updates

Vj Dinesh‏ @logindinesh05

#Rangasthalam 1st half easily one of the best performances from ram charan after Mahadheera positive #RamCharan performance and @Samanthaprabhu2 minus bit lengthy worth watchable so far #RangasthalamFromToday #RangasthalamReview

South Tracker‏ @SouthTracker

#Rangasthalam 1st Half Report Ramcharan Performance DSP BGM Samantha Performance Interval Scene Massss Bit Lengthy 1st Half Totally Superb First Half

Sharath Sai‏ @SharathsaiH

Good 1st half. Rangasthalam Live updates Charan’s career best performance. More drama, elevations ki poledhu kani kavalsinanatha emotion create chesadu. Waiting for the 2nd half #Rangasthalam

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