Rituals of Medaram Jatara {Sammakka Sarakka} Begin


The historic massive tribal fair Sammakka Sarakka jatara has begun here in Medaram village on Wednesday. What the tribals call ‘Manda melige’ – a ritual that envisages of cleaning of Sammakka temple in Medaram and Sarakka temple in Kannepalli was performed by the tribal priests.

Medaram Jatara {Sammakka Sarakka} Begin

Medaram Jatara {Sammakka Sarakka} Begin

The tribals took puja paraphernalia from the residence of main priest Siddaboina Muninder and went to Sammakka temple. They cleaned the temple and decorated it. They raise two arches and decorate them with mango leaves and then hang a hen to drive out the evil spirits. The tribals in village invite their daughters home and they stay till the tribal fair is over.

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An elderly tribal woman Alam Kantha of Medaram village said all women would fast from Wednesday and continue fasting till goddess Sammakka leaves again to forest. “It is festival time for all of us. We decorate our houses,” she said.

Medaram Jatara Main fair

The main fair begins on February 17 and goes on till 20 when Saralamma is first brought from Kannepalli village and installed at the altar in Medaram village and the following day, the tribal priests offer prayers at Chilkalgutta, two kilometres away from Medaram and bring Sammakka.

Both the deities adorn the altar on February 19 which is considered the most auspicious day for devotees. On February 20, the deities will be taken back by the tribal priests to their respective places and that is when the jatara ends.

Medaram Sammakka Saralamma Jatara Celebrations Begins