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Rudrama devi Making Video


Kakatiya Veera nari Anushka’s and Gunasekhar Rudrama devi Making Video is a composition of the way Anushka got into the shoes of warrior princess Rudramadevi, Great sets, high octane action episodes, huge man power, extraordinary technical values and last but not least celebrating the quality output achieved sharing a peace of cake.

The creation of history isn’t an easy job on any day and it could be achieved only with the efforts of thousands of people. Especially, For a film like ‘Rudramadevi’ which is a real story the requirement for skilled man power would be huge whether its building sets or filming war-field sequences.

No one would deny the fact that there is no other actress who could play ‘Rudramadevi’ better than Anushka. Gunasekhar is very lucky in this aspect! This making video is Anushka’s birthday special and the makers can’t find a better way to thank her!!

A Very Happy Birthday to Rudramadevi Anushka

Anushka & Gunasekhar Rudrama Devi Making Video

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