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Sankarabharanam Movie Review Live Updates – Shankarabharanam


Shankarabharanam / Sankarabharanam Movie Review Live Updates by audience: Director Uday Nandanavanam Telugu movie “Shankarabharanam” (Sankarabharanam), starring Nikhil Siddhartha and Nanditha Raj in the lead roles, this movie get positive reviews from the audience.

Sankarabharanam Movie Review Live Updates

Sankarabharanam Movie Review Live Updates
Sankarabharanam Movie Review Live Updates


Shankarabharanam” is a crime comedy thriller movie, which has been penned by ace scriptwriter Kona Venkat. Set in the crime backdrop, the movie revolves around the story of an NRI (Nikhil Siddhartha), who visits Bihar to sell his maternal property. But he faces threat from multiple kidnapping gangs. How he saves himself will form the laugh riot.

The audience, who have watched “Shankarabharanam”, say that the first of the movie has a slow and dragging narration, but few comedy scenes are entertaining. However, the second half is very engaging and 30 Years Prithvi steals the show as Percentage Parmesh.

Nikhil Siddharth, Nanditha Raj, Anjali, Sampath Raj, Rao Ramesh, Sapthagiri and Geetha Singh have done justice to their roles. The movie has good production values and Kona Venkat’s script, Praveen Lakkaraju’s music and Richard Prasad’s cinematography are the big attractions in the technical front. Overall, the movie good for one time watch, the viewers add.

Many viewers shared their verdict on the film on Twitter after watching it. We bring you some unique comments. Here is the live update of “Shankarabharanam” movie review by audience:

Shankarabharanam / Sankarabharanam Twitter Review

Joel Jayakar ‏@ImJoelJayakar

#Sankarabharanam 3.5/5 #crimecomedy wins hearts decent entertainer another success for @actor_Nikhil congrats @IamNandithaRaj @konavenkat99

HARI KIRAN ‏@harikiranroyal

#Shankarabharanam -Below average 1st half.Comedy didn’t work.Loud dialogues nd Sapthagiri ‘s character is a torture nd Too many characters.

Telugu Roommate ‏@TeluguRoommate

Just finished watching #Shankarabharanam in AMC, New Brunswick, NJ. Superb comedy crime thriller. Superb performance by @actor_Nikhil . Nice Movie #Shankarabharanam . Good job @konavenkat99 and team. Review to follow . NJ New brunswick, AMC theatre full hungama

Telugu360 ‏@Telugu360

#Shankarabharanam Nikhil is an NRI who visits Bihar to sell his maternal property. Absolute no comedy till now and boring. 45 Minutes done #Shankarabharanam Multiple Kidnap gangs have been introduced over the course, latest being Anjali’s. All of them hinting at Kidnapping NRI #Shankarabharanam Interval ! Very disappointing. Can be termed as worst movie of da year. Hoping for some relief atleast in 2nd Half. #Shankarabharanam Hero Nikhil is very uncomfortable as an NRI, his body language is irritating. Nothing to discuss about Heroine Nandita #Shankarabharanam In 2nd half, the point (legally bought from hindi movie ‘ phas gaye re Obama’ ) is engaging, slight dose of comedy is good #Shankarabharanam Dragging with pathetic story and direction ! Dialogues too nothing worked so far. In pre-Climax ! #Shankarabharanam Over ! Prudhvi character is only slight relief in entire movie. 2nd half somewhat bearable here n there.

Usha kiran ‏@ushakiranvarma

Fabulous performance @actor_Nikhil , 1st half is simply awesome , it is enjoyable and funny! Waiting for 2nd half. Congo #Shankarabharanam

Sirasri ‏@sirasri

#Sankarabharanam Saptagiri-Nanditha track hilariousssssss:-) #Sankarabharanam Mission Shankarabharanam takes new turn from intermission. Interestingggggg #Sankarabharanam 30 Years Prithvi as Percentage Parmesh. Bahubali dialogue parody-“Neneppudu choodani kaLlu nannu deyyamlaa choostunnaay”:)

Gokul Kamadana ‏@gokul_vij45

#Shankarabharanam Good first half..entertaining!!

Thopudurthi Prabandh ‏@prabandht321999

@actor_Nikhil @konavenkat99 @yoursanjali #Sankarabharanam till interval superb waiting for second half

MaHeSh ‏@Urstrulymahe

Boring first half,torture unlimited #Shankarabharanam

Thrupathi Sirikonda ‏@ThrupathiS

#Shankarabharanam@super niec movie

Sundeep ‏@sunny438

45 mins aindi.. Sapthagiri papam kastapadi mammalni kurchopettadu #Shankarabharanam

Fukkard ‏@Fukkard

#Shankarabharanam Start aina 10mins lo , Cinema Story telisipoyindi. Ipudu deeni #konavenkat style lo laaguthaaru anukunta #tensionstart

Pavan ‏@pavanstweet

Nri ani little oa teeseste decent first half. Average ga undi so far #Shankarabharanam

Anirudh Thota ‏@iamanirudh191

@actor_Nikhil ‘s impeccable selection of scripts never ceases to impress me #Shankarabharanam #firsthalfamazing waiting for second half!

Tapasi RY ‏@TapasiRY

#Sankarabharanam is boring Unexpected! Very very very poor execution #Sankarabharanam Nikhil character kuda athani dialogue la What the fish eh Movie – What the hell

ॐ Deepak ‏@DeepakKodela

Edo ala saaaaagindi 1st half #Shankarabharanam

Prince Harish ‏@IamHarish98

#Shankarabharanam Hilarious first half..waiting for Second half also to be same.. @actor_Nikhil @IamNandithaRaj @konavenkat99

Pulka ‏@RotiPulka

#Shankarabharanam in Empire cinemas, NJ. Simply amazing and a wonderful laugh riot. this boy @actor_Nikhil is going heights !

Raviteja yerz ‏@ravitejayerz

#greatentertainer this weekend #hilarious @actor_Nikhil u nailed it!! still not able to control laughs #Shankarabharanam

Pari ‏@boyapatiparimal

@konavenkat99 such a boring first half #Shankarabharanam Expecting something in second half

Vibhu ram tej ‏@vibhubrt

Interesting interval bang.. superb story nd execution 🙂 @konavenkat99 #Sankarabharanam

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