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Separate Websites for Telangana and AP

Telangana Map
Telangana Map

Separate websites for both successor states of AP and Telangana with independent data base. This will ensure revenue receipt and expenditure transactions of both the states in complete isolation. Care has been taken that the drawing and disbursing officers (DDOs) from various departments can access the software applications and data base of their respective states only.


The legacy data up to June 1, 2014 will be made available to DDOs of both the states. Further all the instructions and GOs issued for the purpose of state reorganisation will be made available in the home page of the respective state government’s finance department websites. Both the websites contain the relevant information of the finance departments of respective states which will be continuously updated. Web links to open respective finance departmental portals, websites of respective HoDs are provided in the home page. DDOs of various departments and citizens can visit the website concerned of their state and from there they can open any HoD’s website and use the services.


New Treasury for AP Capital: A separate treasury is created in the Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts, government of AP (Insurance Building), for conducting treasury transactions like online collection of receipts of the departments, viz., Commercial Taxes, Excise, Mines and Geology, payment of pensions of employees who retire from service from Andhra Pradesh service in Hyderabad after the Appointed Day. SBI, Gowliguda is nominated for conducting Treasury business of residuary state of AP from the Appointed Day. The existing bank branches conducting Treasury business in Hyderabad i.e., SBH, Treasury Branch, RP Road Branch and SBI, Osmangunj Branch shall continue to serve for Telangana state from the Appointed Day. The bank branches serving for online collection of taxes using Cyber Treasury shall serve for Andhra Pradesh state.

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