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Shocking Facts Behind Medak school bus Accident !

Medak school bus AccidentThe recent Medak school bus accident has claimed around 18 innocent lives of school children. The incident shot to a gigantic headline across the country.

Right after the incident, everyone started blaming the driver of the bus whom they thought was the only reason behind this horrible accident. Even the central railway ministry held driver accountable for the incident.

But, is it true that driver was the only person who should be held responsible for? Or is there anyone else who escaped the execution by deliberately fixing the driver? Since the incident the governments, people and press have been chanting only the name of the driver but actually now the sharp expos� by the ABN channel pulled out many facts that were intentionally hidden from the world.

According to the investigation, the driver Bikshapathi accepted to drive the bus for one day as his close friend and previous driver of Kakatiya school bus Ellam had requested him. But here is a crucial point, when the driver Bikshapathi tried to start the bus at around 8AM, it failed constantly as its self motor battery failed to release the spark, then he requested the locals to give a shove to the bus.

The second crucial point is when the driver reached the railway crossing at around 8:55 am. He was rather shocked when the bus made a sudden halt exactly on the railway tracks. He made constant attempts to start the bus but when failed, he tried to communicate with his friend and with the correspondent of the school to know more details of the bus.

But finally in that chaos, newly built gateman house prevented his sight from observing the arriving train. So, the train rammed into bus even after applying brakes from nearly 300 meter distance.

So, finally it was not the driver, who they say killed innocent children, it was the school which failed to take precautions and victimized innocents!

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