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Singapore IIM invite for KCR


In a rare honour, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao received an invitation from Indian Institute of Management Alumni Association, Singapore, to address its conference  IMPACT-2014 on August 22 and 23. The Chief Minister would be the guest for this programme along with addressing the alumni.

Telangana CMThe meeting of IIM alumni would be attended by Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, President SR Nathan, Deputy Prime Minister Shanmuga Rathnam and minister Easwaran.

Interestingly, KCR was specially asked to explain his efforts to bring out unique industrial policy in the State. KCR is the first Chief Minister to have received an invitation from the alumni of IIM of Singapore. A letter was sent to the Chief Minister’s office in this regard. The alumnus of IIM in Singapore has congratulated the Chief Minister for his role in creation of new State and for driving the State on the path of development.

Members of IIM Alumni Association, government officials will attend IMPACT-2014

The association wanted the Chief Minister to talk on the role of their in investments and industrial policy of Telangana. The representatives of the alumni promised that they were ready to provide assistance since Singapore Economic Board was interested on the industrial policy of Telangana.

They informed that a group of CEOs was ready to talk with the Chief Minister on various issues. Members of the IIM Alumni Association, honchos of the corporate and government officials would attend this programme, christened as IMPACT-2014. Discussions would take place here on the investment opportunities in Asia along with new trends and business ideas in the industrial sector.

The CM was told that similar programme being held in 2013 has received tremendous response and that has prom pted them to organize it once again this year with renewed vigor, by the alumni. Since the Chief Minister told several times that he would bring out an industrial policy on the lines of Singapore, he is eager to attend the meeting. He would use the opportunity to check the model of that country’s industrial policy and to discuss with that government.

He would inform the industrial policy of Telangana government since to the meeting as it would be in place by that time. The Chief Minister is hopeful that Singapore tour would be helpful in popularizing the corrupt free and transparent industrial policy of the State


Source: Metro India

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