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Size Zero Movie Review Rating by Greatandhra


Size Zero Movie Review Rating by Greatandhra: The Anushka Size Zero is going Release on 27th November 2015. . The movie has already created a huge talk as our Tollywood’s Sweety has appeared in a completely different look by gaining a huge weight of 20Kgs which she kept saying as it was much needed according to the script and the story line. So, to all the fans of Anushka Shetty and the readers of visualeks, here is a Pre-Movie review.

Size Zero Movie Review Rating by Greatandhra

The movie ‘Size Zero’ revolves around a bubbly girl named Sweety and the problems faced by her because of her overweight. The movie showcases all the problems that are generally faced by an obese lady whose parents want her to get married.

It is already witnessed that our sweety Anushka has put on a huge weight of 20kgs to give the best for the role. According to the sources, the movie shows clearly the psychological feelings of an overweight girl in getting married and the thoughts and perceptions that the society has to get such girl married and brought to their families. All the cast of this movie have made justice to their roles and it is heard that the big stars of Tollywood have made their guest presence in the movie.

Size Zero Telugu Movie Review

The movie has already created a good talk in the industry. And with the movie promos and the first look were amazing especially because of the appearance of Anushka. After the promo release, the movie has reached high expectations and the Tollywood fans have been eagerly waiting for the release. Though the movie is said to be a Romantic family entertainer, it has that ting of those sensitive emotions that an overweight girl carries when the marriage proposals fail to work.
Not just a movie, it can be said as an eye opener to the existing society and its perceptions on Overweight and obesity. The female lead of the movie, Anushka, who is the backbone for the movie is seen justifying her role by gaining a huge weight as demanded by the character.

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