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Solar Power System Policy in Bangaru Telangana

In the last decade, due to increasing thrust of Governments across the world towards fuel conservation and clean energy, solar power system capacity has increased by over 45 times and stands at about 184 GW in 2014. In India, capacity additions in solar power have been even more remarkable. In contrast to mere 10 MW in 2010, total solar capacity in India has grown to nearly 3000 MW in 2015.

Solar Power System

Solar Power System

Development rate in sun based limit has been joined by quickly declining expense bends. Close planetary system expenses have descend by almost 70% in the previous five years inferable from mechanical progressions bringing about lower assembling and handling expenses. In India, sun oriented force costs found through focused offering have descend by more than half in the most recent four years.

Over the globe, around 7,200 gig watts (GW) of limit should be fabricated to keep pace with expanding power request while additionally supplanting existing force plants because of resign by 2040. The solid development of renewable in numerous nations brings their offer up in worldwide force era to 33% by 2040.

Legislature of India (GoI) has set for itself a goal-oriented focus of expanding sun based ability to 100 GW by 2022 and 200 GW by 2050. Keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish these objectives, GoI is actualizing an extensive variety of administrative and arrangement intercessions. It is assessed that utility-scale lattice equality is relied upon to be accomplished speedier than initially evaluated and sun oriented force will begin forcefully contending with traditional force by 2017

Telangana has an inconceivable sunlight based potential with normal sun based protection of about 5.5 kWh/m2 for more 300 daylight days. Administration of Telangana (GoTS), means to make utilization of the positive environment in sun powered market and push given by GoI for considerably tackling the sun powered potential in the condition of Telangana.

This arrangement of GoTS on sun based has procurements which goes for making an empowering situation for forthcoming sunlight based force designers to bridle generous quantum of sun oriented force in the most ideal way. This thus is required to meet the target of GoTS to give focused, dependable power supply to its shoppers furthermore to guarantee a reasonable fuel blend over the long haul.


The strategy might be known as “The Telangana Solar Power framework Policy 2015“.

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