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Talasani, Teegala to Board Pink Car soon


Talasani, Teegala to Board Pink Car soon. TRS’ Operation Akarsh yielded the richest dividend till date when almost Top TDP MLAs from Telangana have left their party. The MLAs who left the TDP were Talasani Srinivas Yadav (Sanatnagar), Teegala Krishna Reddy (Maheshwaram), Prakash Goud (Rajendra Nagar), Dharma Reddy (Parkal).

  •  Talasani says Lokesh’ leadership unacceptable
  •  Resignations come a day ahead of TDP’s bus yatra

This is a major blow for the already beleaguered TDP, which is suffering a major erosion of base in Telangana. There were reports of likely desertions from the TDP for quite sometime. But, the MLAs waited for the Dasara festivities to be over. The crossovers came a day ahead of the TDP’s proposed Bus Yatra against TRS ‘misrule.’

Teegala Talasani Join TRS

Source:Namastheai Telangana

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