Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao has launched the pension scheme ‘Aasara’ for the old people, widows and the handicapped. Find here Telangana aasara pensions list.

Those who were getting pensions earlier were kept out of the list this time, triggering protests in different parts of the State.

Aasara pensions list

Aasara Pensions Eligible Details

Aasara Pensions Eligible details and name list and all details available in official website.

Please click here for: Aasara Pensions Eligible Details

  • List of Proposed Beneficiaries and Result of validation
  • Details of Rejected Beneficiaries with Reasons
  • List of Male names proposed for Widows
  • List of Beneficiaries to undergo SADAREM

Aasara Pensioners Details

Aasara Pensions Details available in official website

Please click here for: Aasara Pensioners Details

  • P1 Information
    • P1.1 Pensioners Abstract
  • P1.2 Pensioners Information
  • P1.3 Disbursement Details

P2 ICFS Deletions

  • P2.1 ICFS (Door to Door Survey) Deletions – Abstract
  • P2.2 ICFS (Door to Door Survey) Deletions – Details