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Telangana Budget 2014 Sector Wise Allocations


The First budget of Telangana state Telangana Budget 2014 Sector Wise Allocations Irrigation, Power, Agriculture, Social Welfare, Medical and Health and Industrial sectors are reported to get a major share in the Budget estimates for the year 2014-15, to be presented in the Legislature today by the Telangana Finance Mister Eetela Rajendar.

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Telangana Budget 2014 Sector Wise Allocations

The following allocations were proposed in the Budget Estimates for the year 2014 to various sectors and departments:

Total Budget : Rs. 100637 Crores

Unplanned Costing: Rs.51,989.49 cores

Planned Costing: Rs. 48,648.47 Crores

Revenue deficit: Rs.3341.02 Crores

B C and Social Welfare department – Rs. 1000 crore;

Telangana Martys’ Families Welfare- Rs. 100 crores; ( Rs. 10 lakh to each family of 459 Telangana martyrs)

Journalists Welfare: Rs. 10 crores

Tourism, Arts and Sports: Rs. 1000 crores

Ponds renovation :Rs. 2 crores( 45,000 ponds will be renovated in 5 years)

Water grid Project: 2000 crores

Green House Culticvation in 10000 acres

District Hospitals development: Rs. 42 Crores

Kalyana Laxmi(ST): Rs.150 crores

Advocates wefare: Rs. 100 crores

Constituency development fund: 1. 50 crore

Women welfare under Deepam scheme: Rs. 100 crore

ENT Hospital development: 40 crores

Irrigation sector –Rs. 6,500 crore;

KG to PG Free Education: Rs. 25 crores

Telangana Bhavan construction near Indiara Park

Pensions for the disabled: Rs. 367.75 Crores

Implementation of latest technology in Agriculture Rs. 1000 crores

Medical sector: Rs. 2,282.86 crore

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