Telangana CM KCR adopts Modi strategy ?


Telangana CM Finally the moment that the TRS boss K Chandrasekhar Rao has finally arrived. He took his oath to become the first Chief Minister of the newly formed Telangana state today.

As is mandatory, he gave his first speech which was filled with lucrative sops. KCR stressed upon the welfare of tribals, dalits and backward classes and promised that every rupee will be used for right purpose.

But here is something he took from the book of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. KCR reportedly announced a single window center for industries. Now, this policy is something Modi has adopted in Gujarat and it has shown remarkable results for the industrial sector.

If the new state of Telangana and its government machinery sticks as committed by KCR then it will surely bring good projects. KCR has also committed many initiatives towards upliftment of agriculture, poultry and pharma.

He has also spoken about irrigation. At this moment, he has given an extremely prosperous picture for the people of Telangana so it will be nice if he can deliver this as promised.