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Telangana Crosses Last Hurdle


The formation of Telangana State cleared its last Constitutional hurdle on Saturday with President Pranab Mukherjee putting his signature on the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill, 2014.With his stamp, the Telangana Bill has now become an Act. With this, the actual process facilitating the creation of the 29th State of Telangana has now been put into motion. The appointed date from which the new States will come into existence would be announced shortly. Most probably, it would be in the month of June.

The Act envisages two States – Telangana and the residuary Andhra Pradesh. The new State of Telangana would be formed with 10 districts while Andhra Pradesh would get the remaining 13. The Telangana Bill was passed in Parliament on February 20 after strong protests from the Seemandhra members including the shameful ‘pepper spray’ incident in the Lower House. The Central government was compelled to adopt a dual strategy to ensure passage of the Bill during this last session of 15th Lok Sabha.Had the Bill not been passed this time, the legislation would have lapsed with the dissolution of the current Lok Sabha.

Pranab gives assent to AP Reorganisation Bill; appointed date for new States to be announced shortly

The UPA government announced a slew of sops for the Seemandhra region while at the same time, holding continuous back channel negotiations with the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party to make sure they would vote in favour. The hurdles created by the Seemandhra members and some of the regional parties in Parliament were removed once the BJP came on board and agreed for the Prime Minister’s statement on the floor of Rajya Sabha announcing a six-point special compensation package for Seemandhra.

The Act says that while Hyderabad would serve as the common capital for 10 years, the Governor would act as the administrating authority thereby keeping the city under Central rule. The Governor would be assisted by two advisers. The PM has already announced special category status for Seemandhra. This would allow for 90 per cent central grant in all projects while the remaining 10 per cent would be in the form of a loan. The Centre wants to ease the financial loss incurred by Seemandhra as a result of losing its share in the revenue surplus Hyderabad, a Central minister explained.

– Telangana Bill now becomes Act
– Appointed date for new States likely in June
– Hyderabad is common capital for 10 years
– City will be under central rule
– Governor is administering authority

Source from: Metro India

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