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Telangana Development Forum Atlanta


The Telangana Development Forum Atlanta chapter has been started its aim to activities more inclusive in order to part to the development of Telangana State.

Telangana Development Forum, vying for its fair share of visibility among the Telangana Telugus in the USA, is gaining momentum overseas what with the new executive, under Vishweshwar Kalavala’s leadership, giving wings to various city chapters in USA.

Bharath Naravetla, who was elected for the TDF USA Board of Trustees (BOTs) recently from Atlanta, took the initiative and made the first meeting of Telanganites a huge success in Atlanta.

The attendance of 70 people represented a balanced diversity of age groups, professions, and places they came from back home and was a good mix of local organisations ATA, NATA, TANA and others.

TDF Atlanta Advisory Panel

Narender Reddy Ganta,
T. Ramchander Reddy,
Mohan Reddy KomatiReddy,
Laxma Reddy Paripati,
Rathnaker Elugunti,
Sathyanarayan Reddy Thangirala,
Dr. Sreenivas Gangasani,
Srijan Joginpally,
Kiran Pasham,
Vivek Reddy Edula,
Upender Kadire
Goutam Goli was also announced on the occasion.

The members present and the advisory panel provided their inputs for the development of Telangana and announced an action plan of TDF Atlanta to work in tandem with the local organizations to develop Telangana region and promote Telangana culture in USA, said the TDF Media Chair, Santosh Reddy Kakulavaram.

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