The Telangana Household Survey Report & Results, The State Government  conducted Intensive Household Survey has brought to fore many interesting aspects in Telangana State.

The Intensive Household Survey was conducted for ineligible and bogus beneficiaries of various government schemes and, at the same time, have a foolproof database of the needy, Telangana government has conducted ‘Intensive Household Survey-2014’ on a single day.

Telangana Household Survey Report

The total population of the State as per the survey stands at 3,63,03,012.

The total men’s are 1,81,48,088

The total women’s are 1,80,96,660

The survey found that 16.22 lakh women were living solitary life on account of either divorce or death of the husband in the entire State.

Another 1.16 lakh women are yet to marry even after crossing 30 years. Of the total deserted, unmarried and widowed women, GHMC area alone has about 2.50 lakh women in its limits.

It also revealed that the women have turned out to be the bread winners for 18.48 lakh families across the 10 districts of Telangana. The survey found another interesting aspect about the women and that is 8.29 lakh families of the State have only one woman in their families. According to the official statistics, the State has a total of 1,01,93,027 families.  A total of 7.11 lakh people are suffering from chronic diseases.

A total of 1,09,00,515 houses were surveyed as part of the prestigious head count held on August 19, 2014. Of the total surveyed families, a total of 6,18,363 houses were found locked by the officials. The survey stated that the State has the highest number of people from BC Community.

The total BC population stands at 1,85,61,856, while the population of SCs stands at 78,12,858, STs is 36,02,288 and minority population is 52,53,710. The household survey also brought to fore many interesting facts related to GHMC area. The survey found that the total number of households in GHMC limits stands at 19.43 lakh.

It also found that the city has a total of seven lakh employees. The survey also revealed that around 13 lakh people have accounts in banks and post offices. Of the total households, around five lakh do not have drinking water facility and are dependent on bore water to meet their daily needs.

The corporation also has 1.5 lakh migrant families in its limits. The survey also found that about 3 lakh families do not have toilet facility and 11 lakh families still live rent houses.

The State government has recently handed over details of the survey to all government departments including GHMC for implementation of various welfare programmes after tabulating them.

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Telangana Household Survey Data

Telangana Household Survey Data

Demography of the State
Total households: 1,01,93,027
Total population: 3,63,37,160
BCs: 1.85crore
SCs: 78 lakh
STs: 36 lakh
Minorities: 52 lakh


No. of households: 19.43 lakh
People with bank a/cs : 13 lakh
Households with no tap water: 5 lakh
Migrant families: 1.5 lakh
Families in rented houses: 11 lakh
Families with no toilet facility: 3 lakh

Status of women

Divorced or widowed: 16.22 lakh
Unmarried (over 30 yrs): 1.16 lakh
Sole breadwinners: 18.48 lakh
Single woman families: 8.29 lakh