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Telangana Intensive Household Survey : Clarify your doubts

The general public has many doubts concerning the Telangana Intensive Household Survey -2014 being undertaken by the Telangana government. Mostly, it is the people who reside in a place by virtue of their employment but natives of another place who are in dilemma of choosing between the places to undertake surveys.

To clarify this very doubt, The Hans India would like to refer to the special interview given by Somesh Kumar, the GHMC Commissioner, to a leading Telugu news channel. Him in that particular interview opined that the Intensive Household Surevy-2014 is intended mainly to make a clear assessment of needs and will be used as the basis for the provision of amenities.

He gave the example of gas connections as the good example and wanted to emphasise that it is better to remain at the place where the family would like to dwell further, to undertake the survey.

A second concern raised by one of the participant is about the people who are abroad on a temporary basis. In this milieu, the GHMC Commissioner has said that the family members who are present at their home can furnish the details of all such people by showing the evidence of their passport and visa copies.

The enumerators will make it a mention in the remarks column, accordingly.

The GHMC Commissioner Somesh Kumar has clearly opined that the survey was intended to make a preliminary assessment of the demand and supply sort of issues and not concerned with nativity ascertainment. He urged all people participating in the survey to furnish only the truth so that maximum could be gained out of the survey.


-Aadhaar card
-Ration card
(either White or Pink card)
-Pension details
-Electricity bill
-Property Tax receipt
-Passbooks pertaining to immovable properties like land or house
-Driving licence number
-SC/ST community certificate
-LPG domestic/commercial gas connection details
-Mobile phone number
-Bank account details
-Post office account number
-Details of chronic diseases

According to officials, if residents have settled down in the city and have properties in their native places, they should reveal the details like agricultural land, ancestral properties and details of houses owned in their native places. The details pertaining to existing bank and post office accounts, educational qualifications and social welfare benefits like pension – old age, widow, handicap and retirement pensions – should also be given to the enumerators as part of the survey. GHMC commissioner Somesh Kumar has already said that the enumerators would hold preparatory visits on August 17 and 18 to avoid any difficulties on the scheduled day of the survey.

“Enumerators appointed by us will visit their designated areas on August 17 and 18 to find out any last minute difficulties. All family members of a household have to be present when an enumerator visits their residence on the day of the survey. If any of the family members are not present at the time of the survey, legal documents pertaining to their valid absence should be produced before the enumerators. The enumerators will record such information in the relevant column in the survey form,” the commissioner told media.

Source: ThehansIndia & Metro India

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