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Telangana Intensive Household Survey FAQs: GHMC commissioner answers


In an exclusive interview given to a leading Newspaper, Somesh Kumar, the GHMC commissioner has clarified various Telangana Intensive Household Survey FAQs. The same are presented below:

1. Where to get enrolled if staying in one place and a native of another place?

The GHMC commissioner said that the intention of the survey is to assess the situation of the societies and to provide various facilities to the people accordingly. So, he suggested all those with such doubts to get enrolled in a place where they would to like to get the government schemes implemented for them. However, enrolment should be done in a single place.

2. Part of family members reside at another place. Is it mandatory for all family members to be present?

The evidence should be produced that one or many family members are at another place on that day for dire needs so that the enumerator could record their details with a remark endorsed on it to that effect.

In a similar manner the details of the students who are studying abroad could get enrolled.

3. What about those members who are on medical emergency?

In case of medical emergency also, proper evidence can be produced so that the details could be furnished accordingly with a remark on that.

4. If the members of a family are in a must attend duty, how to get their details endorsed?

There will be prior visits to the homes on both 17th and 18th August as ell. When the enumerator visits the home on those days, he /she may be requested to come early to their residences so that the enumeration process could be finished up before leaving for jobs (only on exceptional cases).

5. If the documents are held on other address which differs from the present address, what should be done?

The present address is only required to be furnished. There should not be any prejudice that giving the present address will curtail their benefits getting from government schemes.

6. A scheduled academic (B.Tech) on August 19 may hurdle many students from taking part in the survey. What should be done?

A copy of the hall ticket may be produced as evidence to the enumerator and the family members can get the details of the student affected by this.

7. What if the Aadhar card is not received but UID is known?

If the Aadhar card is not received but the UID is known, the same could be furnished in the enumeration form. The same is equally valid.

8. What if the address on the ration card is different from address in Aadhar card?

Ration card details are not required. Aadhar address will only be considered.

9. What if the house finds locked on August 19?

The enumerator will endorse the same and submit the details. Later, it will be decided what to do with all such cases.

10. Is it possible to endorse the details of the assets held at various other places?

Yes, it is possible to endorse the details. There are columns provided for the same.

11. What about those people who are working in some place of Andhra Pradesh but native of Telangana?

There is no need to get enrolled, if they will be continuing to work in Andhra Pradesh. However, they need to get enrolled at their native place if they plan to come back.

12. What are the documents to be in possession of for ibid survey?

The following documents are required for the survey:

LPG connection details
Bank Account details
Aadhar Card
PH Certificate (if applicable)
Electricity Bill
Pattadar Passbook
Caste Certificate et al

The GHMC commissioner has clarified that the enumerators will distribute the necessary pamphlet comprising of all details.


Source: Thehans India

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