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Telangana Journalists Health Scheme – jhs.telangana.gov.in


Telangana Journalists Health Scheme launched by Government of Telangana. The TS Journalists Health Scheme for cashless treatment of working journalists of print and electronic media and their dependent family members in the network hospitals for various ailments.

Telangana Journalists Health Scheme

Telangana Journalists Health Scheme

Ministers K.T. Rama Rao and P. Mahender Reddy, Information and Public Relations Commission Naveen Mittal, Telangana Press Academy Chairman Allam Narayana distributed health cards to a few journalists to mark the launch at Secretariat on 8th January 2016. They also launched a dedicated website for the health scheme designed for working journalists.

Officials stated that the journalists who were already enrolled in the scheme could login to the website -www.jhs.telangana.gov.in- by collecting their username and password from the I&PR Department. They could change the login details after their initial login.

Telangana Journalists Health Scheme Eligible Beneficiaries

1.Serving Journalists:

1.1. All accredited working and retired Journalists. A State Government Journalists will have the meaning as defined under Fundamental Rules.


2.1.Dependent Parents (either adoptive or biological, but not both).
2.2.One legally wedded wife in case of a male journalist.
2.3.Husband in case of a female journalist.
2.4.Wholly dependent legitimate children (including step children and adopted children);


3.1. In case of parents, those who are dependent on the journalist for their livelihood.
3.2. In case of unemployed daughters, those who are unmarried or widowed or divorced or deserted.
3.3. In case of unemployed sons, those who are below the age of 25 years
3.4. Disabled children with a disability which renders them unfit for employment.


The eligible beneficiaries will be provided with health cards (also called eligibility cards).
The procedure of verification of eligibility of beneficiary under the scheme shall be by online authentication of the health card details. The beneficiary shall provide either the eligibility card or the card number in case the card is unavailable. The staff at the kiosk in the Network Hospital shall verify the details online by accessing the database. Once the system accept card authentication is complete.

5.Penal Actions:

Any irregularities or misuse committed by the beneficiaries coming to the notice of Government or AHCT will entail disciplinary action as per A.P. C.S. (CCA) Rules, 1991 and may attract penal action as per law.

Telangana Journalists Health Scheme BENEFIT COVERAGE

In-Patient Treatment:

1. The scheme will provide inpatient treatment for the listed therapies for identified diseases under all specialties in the empanelled hospitals. List of IP therapies
2.End-to-end cashless service offered through a NWH from the time of reporting of a patient till ten days post discharge medication, including complications if any up to thirty (30) days post-discharge, for those patients who undergo a listed therapy (ies)
3.Free OP evaluation of patients for listed therapies who may not undergo IP treatment including consultation and investigations

Follow-up Services:

Follow-up services are provided for a period of one year through fixed packages to the patients whoever requires long term follow-up therapy in order to get optimum benefit from the procedure and avoid complications. Follow-up package includes consultation, investigations, drugs etc., for one year for listed therapies. List of IP therapies


1.The total cost on implementation of Journalists Health Scheme shall be borne by the Government and no contribution will be collected from them.
2. There shall be no upper limit on the financial coverage and the total cost of treatment of the patient for the enlisted therapies will be covered under the Scheme.
3. Treatment for all the enlisted procedures will be provided in all the network hospitals (both private and Government) empanelled with Aarogyasri Health Care Trust. However position will be reviewed after six months so as to ensure a minimum of 60% participation by Government Hospitals in terms of amount. To achieve that, if required certain procedures may be reserved for Government hospitals which have required infrastructure for such procedures.
4. Out patient for chronic diseases will be provided in the notified Government Hospitals only and the guidelines for chronic OP treatment shall be issued separately.

For more details About Telangana Journalists Health Scheme visit official website. jhs.telangana.gov.in

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