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Telangana Kite Festival 2017 – International Kite Festival in Telangana

Telangana Kite Festival 2017, International Kite Festival in Telangana: The Telangana International Kite Festival 2017 kick starts at Agakhan Academy on Jan 14 to mark Sankranthi a festival of harvest and kites.

IT and Panchayat Raj Minister K T Rama Rao will formally launch the festival by flying the first kite at the academy.

Telangana’s first international kite festival on 14 to 15th January 2017 at the Academy campus.

Telangana Kite Festival 2017


Unveiling an attractive eagle kite on the occasion, Venkatesham said that efforts are on to get international prominence to the kite festival with 250 kites to be flying simultaneously at a time including those of one inch to 12 feet, 3D Kite, Ship Kite, Delta Kite, Stunt Kite, Special Kite and others.

International Kite Festival in Telangana

Hyderabadis and people across all districts of Telangana are accustomed to celebrate the Kite Festival in much enthusiasm and gusto he said.

From the traditional patang to Thailand’s Octopus kite, over 120 varieties were part of Telangana’s first International Kite Festival that brought together 33 flying experts from across the globe.

The kites ranged from a model as small as one inch to the 205 metre Indian fighter kite and had fancy names like Lobster, Whistle, Delta, cobra. The show included sports and stunt kites.

The 100-acre ground of the Aga Khan Academy looked colourful with hundreds of kites flying high and the wind was very cooperative.

Hyderabad’s only 12-member group — Kohinoor Kite Club — represented the city, and there were participants from Mumbai, Rajkot and Nagpur. All the experts had made their own kites. On day one, over 1,500 people attended the first-ever kite festival in the new state.

K. Srinivas of Kohinoor Kite Club said, “For the festival we made a kite on freedom fighter Bhagat Singh, global warming, a model ship and a 3D cord kite. We want to spread awareness on clean and green through this festival. We have made 250 kites in a train form which is a tribute to Indian soldiers.”

Telangana International Kite Festival

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