Telangana New Grama Panchayat List 2018 Pdf Download


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Telangana New Grama Panchayat List 2018

After a six-month exercise and consultations over creation of new gram panchayats, the state government has come up with many reforms in the panchayat administration. While giving more powers to panchayats, district collectors are being given powers to remove sarpanches if they fail in their duties.

The state government introduced New Panchayat Raj Act, 2018, in the Assembly on Wednesday which will be taken up for discussion by the Assembly on Thursday. Sources said 4,380 new panchayats are to be created and this will take total number of panchayats to 12,741. “As per the promise made by chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao. Thandas that have 500 population will be made gram panchayats for better facilities and administration,” panchayat raj minister Jupally Krishna Rao told reporters.

The government has also proposed to have co-opted members system (three members in each panchayat) in gram panchayats on lines of municipal corporations. Though the government had thought of insisting on minimum educational qualification for sarpanches, the idea was dropped after taking thandas and reservations into consideration.

While enhancing reservations in panchayats to 10 years from existing five years, the bill says there would be no change in reservations if there is 100 per cent tribal population in Thandas. About 1,300 thandas have a total ST population.

Initially, the state government planned for indirect election for sarpanches. But now it has been decided to have direct election as it may lead to unethical practices and horse trading in villages. For better management of finances, it was decided to give cheque power to sarpanch and upa-sarpanch.

Telangana New Grama Panchayat List 2018 Pdf Download

Telangana New Grama Panchayat List 2018 Pdf Download