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Telangana police gets new dress code


Telangana  police will soon get a new Dress code. The administration has chosen to present another ‘clothing regulation’ for the police, and additionally to completely modernize the power. From August 15, the cops will be wearing a ‘dim blue uniform.

They will likewise be watching in fresh out of the new Toyota Innovas with GPS and 4g Internet administrations, rather than the age-old Rakshak vehicles. All Telangana police authorities, independent of their wings like activity, wrongdoing, insights and so forth., would have a typical clothing regulation. This is to get consistency the power.

telangana state police
telangana state police

Telangana State CM K. Chandrasekhar Rao, who held a gathering with police authorities at the Secretariat on Saturday, has additionally propelled a few new activities to modernize the police power, and to accord a ‘worldwide brand picture’ to the Telangana police along the lines of New York and London police.

He has even asked the police metal to tour New York and London and study the measures the cops there are receiving for compelling policing. Mr Rao was particular with respect to policing in Hyderabad saying that he needed to see a ‘savvy and safe Hyderabad’ with viable policing, tight efforts to establish safety, security and security, particularly for ladies.

It was likewise chosen to supplant all Rakshak vehicles and motorbikes and to buy 1,650 Toyota Innovas and 1,500 high-end motorbikes to guarantee that police can achieve a wrongdoing spot inside 10 minutes from anyplace in the city.

The CM has additionally chosen to construct a six-story building to house the police office other than private quarters for the metal including the DGP, Hyderabad Commissioner, Cyberabad Commissioner, higher authorities of Intelligence, Traffic, Crime, Law and Order among others. It was likewise chosen to buy about 10,000 CCTV Polaroids for establishment at all delicate areas over the city to screen efforts to establish safety.

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