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Telangana Sent 13 Cr Current Material To Restore Power In AP


Telangana sent 13 Cr Current Material To Restore Power In North Andhra Pradesh. Districts of Vishakapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam which have suffered a complete power crisis from Sunday morning are the centre of attention for AP’s neighbors.

While efforts are taken on war-footing to restore power in the districts, Telangana shipped Rs 13 Cr worth of transmission and power equipment to the 3 districts from Hyderabad.

This follows CM KCR’s orders to TS officials’ to do everything possible to help AP in restoration work and the subsequent discussion between TS & AP Chief Secretaries.

Kartikeya Misra, Joint Managing Director, TS TRANSCO conveyed this to his AP counterpart Ajay Jain. While AP sent close to 2000 personnel to the districts to work on power restoration, Telangana, itself facing a power-crisis, sent a few along with the material it shipped.

Odisha promised men and material in Srikakulam and Vizianagaram while Tamil Nadu, besides a Rs 5 Cr aid would be soon dispatching 100 transformers, 5,000 power poles and 10,000 insulators.

Vizag and Vizianagarm districts suffered bulk of power equipment losses with as many 37 transformers – 2* 400 KV, 10*220 KV, 25* 132 KV, completely destroyed while a total of above 5000 transformers reportedly damaged.

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