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Telangana State Formation Day Celebrations from June 1st 2015

Telangana State Formation Day Celebrations starts from June 1st 2015, for this Government has Released Orders, Celebrations begin from Jun 1st Night 10 pm onward in All Telangana State Districts. All Telangana People’s already known that June 2nd have a prominent place in the calendar and Telangana people’s heart, because the separate state Telangana have been formed on that day.

Telangana State Formation Day Celebrations 2015

After the formation of New Telangana state on 2nd June 2014, Telangana sate First CM K Chandra Shekar Rao  announced that, the first anniversary of the Formation of Telangana state as 29 th state of India to be celebrated with grand From JUNE 1st 2015 in all the districts of the state and planned to fund amount 20 crore.

Telangana Formation Day celebrations would be held for a week from June 1st to June 8th 2015 during which the tricolour would be unfurled on all government offices. Cash rewards of Rs 1,00,116; Rs 50,116 and Rs 10,116 would be given at the state, district and mandal-levels, respectively, to meritorious recipients

1. The kind of cultural activities that will be held on June 2.
2. The government will have to adjust the academic schedule to allow schools to reopen by June 1st to celebrate State formation day on June 2.

Telangana State Formation Day Celebrations

Telangana Formation Day Date

Telangana formation day date June 2 is Government Holiday

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