Telangana State Government may move SC for Krishna Waters


The Telangana State Government is prone to move Supreme Court against the Center to get its legitimate offer of Krishna waters to the State. The State government on Tuesday communicated its dismay over the Center for its reported remarks that the issue of water dissemination would be kept to States just.

“We censure the Center for its remarks which deny Telangana of its offer of waters from the Krishna,” TRS MP B Vinod Kumar said. The Center neglected to stay faithful to its obligation on sharing of Krishna waters; he said and censured the way the Center was denying offer to Telangana.

Telangana State Government

“When we met Union Water Resources Minister Uma Bharathi in Delhi, she said equity would be done to Telangana State on the stream water issue. In any case, now the Center is receiving double gauges and denying our offer,” he condemned. “With no other go, we will battle at any level and move the summit court of the nation,” Vinod Kumar said.

He likewise asserted that the Center succumbed to the weight mounted by the Karnataka and Maharashtra governments in such manner. The favoritism being appeared by the Center would be uncovered at a right stage, he said. He additionally blamed the Center for misleading the general population of the State notwithstanding its guarantee of doing equity with respect to stream water sharing among the riparian States.