Telangana State govt is planning to introduce Telangana Citizen Cards


Telangana State government is planning to introduce Telangana Citizen Cards to ensure that various government schemes reach the actual beneficiaries. He directed officials to take up a detailed survey in villages for this purpose.

Telangana-Citizen-CardsAt a meeting held at APARD (Andhra Pradesh Academy of Rural Development) on Thursday, Telangana State Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao suggested officials to include details of social and financial status of every person in a family in the said survey.

KCR felt that government should possess proper records with details of population living in rural areas so that transparency could be ensured in government schemes. He promised to root out corruption and irregularities from ration card, pension and housing schemes.

He also noted that his government would commence issuing of new ration cards in 10 districts between Dussera and Diwali. Finance Minister Etela Rajender, Chief Secretary Rajiv Sharma, advisors to government AK Goyal, BV Papa Rao besides senior IAS officials attended the meeting.

Source: The Hansindia