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Telangana State Profile, The Telangana state is spread over  1.14 lakh square kilometres, Its population (including that of Hyderabad) is 3.5 crore.

The Telangana state comprises the districts of Adilabad, Nizamabad, Karimnagar, Medak, Warangal, Rangareddy, Khammam, Nalgonda and Mahabubnagar, apart from the metropolis of Hyderabad.

It would border on Maharashtra, Karnataka and the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh (Seemandhra).

The region was once a part of the princely state of Hyderabad, ruled by the Nizams, which also included some parts of the present-day Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Telugu and Urdu are the main languages in the region, though Marathi and Kannada are also spoken in some areas.

Godavari with its tributaries, and Krishna are the two major rivers. The region has numerous lakes too.

The region has 17 Lok Sabha seats  and 119 Assembly seats in the undivided Andhra Pradesh. There has been a demand to increase the number of Assembly seats to 153.



Capital City : Hyderabad
Area : 114,840 Sq. Kms.
Districts : 10
Households : 83.58 Lakhs
Population : 351.94 Lakhs

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Capital City Hyderabad
Area 114,840 Sq. Kms.
Districts 10
Revenue Divisions 42
Towns (as per Census, 2011) 158
Municipal Corporations 6
Municipalities 38
Nagara Panchayaths 25
 Zilla Praja Parishads 9
Mandal Praja Parishads 443
Gram Panchayaths 8778
Revenue Mandals 464
Revenue Villages 10,761
Inhabited Villages 10,128
Un-inhabited Villages 633
Households 83.58 Lakhs
Household size 4
Population 351.94 Lakhs
Male 177.04 Lakhs
Female 174.90 Lakhs
Sex Ratio (Female per 1000 Males) 988 Ratio
Density of Population 307 per Sq. Km
Decadal Growth Rate (2001-2011) 13.58 Rate
Rural Population 215.85 Lakhs
Rural Population Male 107.97 Lakhs
Rural Population Female 107.88 Lakhs
Rural Population Sex Ratio (Female per 1000 Males) 999 Ratio
Rural to Total Population 61.33 %
Urban Population 136.09 Lakhs
Urban Population Male 69.07 Lakhs
Urban Population Female 67.02 Lakhs
Urban Population Sex Ratio (Female per 1000 Males) 970 Ratio
Urban to Total Population 38.64 %
SC Population 54.33 Lakhs
SC Population Male 27.05 Lakhs
SC Population Female 27.28 Lakhs
ST Population 32.87 Lakhs
ST Population Male 16.60 Lakhs
ST Population Female 16.27
Child Population (0-6 years) 39.20 Lakhs
Child Population (0-6 years) Male 20.28 Lakhs
Child Population (0-6 years) Female 18.92 Lakhs
Child to Total Population 11.14 %
Child Sex Ratio (Female per 1000 Males) 933 Ratio
Literates 207.84 Lakhs
Literates Male 117.49 Lakhs
Literates Female 90.35 Lakhs
Literacy Rate 66.46 %
Literacy Rate Male 74.95 %
Literacy Rate Female 57.92 %
Total Workers 164.53 Lakhs
Main Workers 138.06 Lakhs
Marginal Workers 26.47 Lakhs
Members of Parliament (MPs) 17
Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) 119
Zilla Parishad Territorial Constituency Members (ZPTCs) 443
Mandal Parishad Territorial Constituency Members (MPTCs) 6497

Source: Telangana State Portal

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