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Telangana Survey data digitization in 10 days


Using more than 200 computers, around 2,000 operators would be engaged in three shifts to digitise the data generated as part of the intensive household survey in the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) limits. The task would have to be completed in 10 days.

The civic body which had more than 20.11 lakh households covered during the survey on Tuesday has initiated steps for digitising the data in a secure and foolproof fashion.

The digitisation would be carried out at 10 locations in the city using secure IP platform, said GHMC Special Commissioner A. Babu. Data entry records would be done directly to the National Informatics Centre (NIC) server through permitted IP only with the user-id and passwords provided to each operator by the NIC.

“All required steps to ensure the security of the data are being taken,” he remarked.

During the survey, enumerators had generated voluminous data pertaining to 20,11,293 households and feeding it in an error-free manner would be a challenging task, another official said. “Hence, we are looking for agencies with proper equipment, logistics and manpower apart from appropriate experience in such tasks.

One of the criteria for assigning the job is that they should maintain a minimum of 100 Mbps bandwidth,” he said.

GHMC wants the selected agency to start the execution of work within 24 hours from the signing of the agreement. Officials said all efforts would be made to ensure accuracy of the data and the selected agency would be made to pay penalty in case of errors.

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