Telangana State symbol Not TG. it will be TS ?


Right from the time the latest phase of Telangana agitation picked up, supporters of statehood have started replacing AP on the number plates of their cars and bikes in Hyderabad with the symbol TG.

This was seen as a way of asserting their rights in anticipation of new state and now that new state has come into being, vehicle dealers were happy that their business would kick start. However, it looks like their happiness is shortlived.

Sources say that KCR has reportedly requested the Union government to allocate the letters TS meaning Telangana State instead of TG as he feels it will give a royal charm.

The approval is awaited from the union cabinet. Hence due to this sudden news, it is being said that vehicle registrations are all set to come to a halt for one more week as necessary changes have to be introduced in the forms and online updation of databases.