Telangana Wedding Schemes also for Christians


Irrigation Minister T Harish Rao has acknowledged that Telangana was the first State in India to officially celebrate all festivals irrespective of religion. He said Telangana wedding schemes also for Christians.

Tending to an expansive social event of Christians, as a feature of the Christmas celebrations composed by Bible Research India Ministries (BRIM) at Sangareddy on Friday, Harish wished all the Christians a Merry Christmas ahead of time.

Telangana Wedding Schemes

Telangana wedding schemes

Trusting that the Christian Bhavan, endorsed with Rs 10 crore at Mahindra Hills in Hyderabad, would be finished before next Christmas, he said a Christian Commission has likewise been set up to address the issues of Christians.

He said the main authorization to develop a congregation was from the concerned Gram Panchayat and that’s it. He likewise guaranteed allocation of terrains for memorial parks and cleared up that Kalyana Lakshmi and Shaadi Mubarak were implied for Hindus and Muslims, as well as for poor Christians who could apply and get Rs 51,000 inside of a week. He guaranteed that the administration would likewise give cash for building places of worship.

The project was gone to by MLA Chinta Prabhakar, BRIM Director KR John, BRIM Chairman John Sunder Raj and others.