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No Telengana in this year textbooks


Telangana will be the 29th state of the country in five days from now, but school textbooks across the new state will continue to bear the emblem of Andhra Pradesh and its government’s name till the next year. This is because the state SSC syllabus textbooks for this academic year have already been printed and dispatched for sale.

Changes to the SSC syllabus, as promised by the TRS, will also not come into effect this academic year. The TRS manifesto had promised changes in the school syllabus highlighting social, cultural, geographic, linguistic and political aspects of Telangana.

The party is set to form the first government of the state with its chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao as the CM. However, lessons on the struggle and liberation of Telangana, will not make it to the syllabus this year.

Changing the syllabus is a long drawn out process. A committee has to be formed with experts and faculty of the State Council of Education Research and Training. This committee will suggest the changes. The new chapters have to be written by experts on the subject, perused and then approved.

M. Jagadeeshwar, commissioner, Directorate of School Education, said, “The books have been printed and dispatched. So, there is no formal proposal of any curriculum change right now. The government also has to be formed.”

It remains to be seen whether they will be incorporated for the next academic year starting 2015. Many Telangana intellectuals also term it tragic to have the emblem of AP on books used in Telangana.

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