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TRS Reasons to Merger with Congress


TRS-FlagWhy TRS is not in favor of merger with Congress before the 2014 polls .Andhra Pradesh Congress Committee president Botsa Satyanarayana says that TRS was born for the cause of Telangana. Now that Telangana state is becoming a reality, it is for TRS to decide about its future .

Seven reasons why TRS is not interested in joining Congress are

1 .Congress attempts to neutralize TRS by poaching two TRS leaders – MP Vijayashanti and MLA Aravind Reddy.

2 . Unwillingness of the Congress to recognize TRS contribution in the creation of T State and its role in reconstruction of the new State.

3 . Congress only wants TRS to first “surrender unconditionally ” before any negotiations.

4. Snide and Union Ministers comment that TRS leaders are not good administrators and attempts to lure T JAC into congress.

5. Increasing pressure from cadre and members of the civil society against merger: ‘Dont become a Kejriwal and Chiranjeevi ‘

6. The TRS should not be weighed down by the severe anti-Congress mood across the country.

7. TRS not consulted on AP Reorganization Bill-2014 in Parliament

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