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TS govt prefers TS to T for Telangana


Chief Secretary Rajiv Sharma has objected to the use of “T” as an abbreviation for Telangana. Instead, he suggested using “TS” for Telangana as an abbreviation. “While appreciating your sincere cooperation to the state government in the task of rebuilding Telangana, may I also bring it to your kind notice that this new state is often quoted in the media with an abbreviated prefix ‘T’, such as T-Govt., T-State, T-CM etc.,” Sharma said in a letter sent to the editors on Wednesday.

“In fact the new state is formally mentioned as ‘State of Telangana’ or ‘Telangana State’ in the AP Reorganization Act. You may kindly recall that the new vehicle numbering scheme also bears ‘TS’ as the abbreviation for Telangana state.

I would be grateful on behalf of the state government, if you could please follow the same practice and mention the state as ‘Telangana state or ‘TS’ whenever the abbreviated form is used,” he said.

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