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Union Government asked Report in TV9 – ABN Ban Episode

TV9 ABN ban Episode
TV9 ABN ban Episode

The blockage of broadcast of Tv9 and ABN Andhrajyothy news diverts in Telangana set off a column at national level. The Union Government asked the Telangana government to submit an itemized report over the issue. Union data and TV clergyman Prakash Javdekar has asked Telangana boss secretary Dr Rajeev Sharma to ask into the issue and submit a report. Both the channels brought up the issue with the Center and urged it to make strides for reclamation of TV of channels.

It may be reviewed that the digital TV administrators in Telangana have ceased the telecast of both the stations since June 15 claiming that they have depended on ambush on Telangana dialect, lingo and society other than offending Telangana -Legislative Assembly and its parts with undue remarks.

Telangana Chief Minister Mr K.chandrashekar Rao even moved a determination in the late Legislative Assembly session urging speaker to launch movement against Tv9 for offending T-Assembly. KCR had affirmed that Andhra Jyothy daily paper has been consuming malignant publicity against T-government. Law based strengths, social activists have denounced the move by Telangana Msos and firmly challenging.

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