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This Video Is A Slap On The Face Of Everyone Who Doubts Smriti Irani’s Literacy


When BJP leader Smriti Irani was handed the responsibility of handling the Human Resource Development portfolio, there were many who scoffed at BJP’s poor decision. After all, how can a person who had only studied till the 12th standard be equipped to be the minister of such an important department?

However, this 12-minute speech by Smriti Irani at the International Women’s Conference 2014 organized by the Art of Living will change the views of even the most-hardened cynics. Her being well-spoken, informed and coherent on various topics is secondary to her astute observations on women empowerment and nation-building. By the end of it, you will doubt there could ever be a better candidate to be the HRD minister than Smriti Irani, the 12th pass soap star.

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