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Vijay Kathi / Kaththi Total Box Office Collections


The Vijay’s Block buster movie Kathi / Kaththi Total Box Office Collections till after the movie collected all most 100+ cores, Kathi movie created records in Tamil movie industry. this is first movie in Tamil highest box office collections collected Movie.

Kaththi 25 Days Total Collection Till Date, we updated Kathi 25 Days collection World Wide, kaththi movie crossed 100 Cr and created the collections record in creating a milestone for the movie.

Kaththi movie total collections world wide, Kaththi movie total collection in chennai, Kerala, Karnataka, Abroad countries are officially announced by A.R.Muragadoss for first week, and Second week in Twitter, about collecting 100 Cr at the end of second week 3 November 2014.

Total Kathi / Kaththi Movie 29 Days Collection – 151.64 Cr (Approx) till date as on 19th November

Kaththi (Kathi) 29th day (29 days) worldwide box office collections till date as on 19th November around Rs 151.64 crores estimating the collections from worldwide box office as on 19th November 2014.

The Tamil version is heading to reach the 200 crore milstone mark, the Telugu version of Kaththi is also ready to release the screens as makers have planned to release the dubbed version soon.

Kaththi Total Box Office Collection Report

Vijay Kaththi First Day Collection/Vasool – 23.80 Cr

Kaththi 2nd Day Collection/Vasool – 17 .50 Cr
Kaththi 3rd Day Collection – 14.50 Cr
Kaththi 4th Day Collection – 9.60 Cr
Kathi / Kaththi First Week Box Office CollectionsKaththi 5th Day Collection – 6.40 Cr
Kaththi 6th Day Collection – 5.70 Cr
Kaththi 7th Day Collection – 4.90 Cr
Kaththi 8th Day Collection – 4.25 Cr
Kaththi 9th Day Collection – 3.80 Cr
Kaththi 10th Day Collection – 2.74 Cr

Kaththi 11th Day Collection – 3.90 Cr
Kaththi 12th Day Collection – 3.80 Cr
Kaththi 13th Day Collection – 2.30 Cr
Kaththi 14th Day Collection – 2.10 Cr
Kaththi 15th Day Collection – 1.90 Cr
Kaththi 16th Day Collection – 1.85 Cr
Kaththi 17th Day Collection – 1.78 Cr
Kaththi 18th Day Collection – 1.70 Cr
Kaththi 19th Day Collection – 1.60 Cr
Kaththi 20th Day Collection – 1.57 Cr

Kaththi 21st Day Collection – 1.52 Cr
Kaththi 22nd Day Collection – 1.49 Cr
Kaththi 23rd Day Collection – 1.42 Cr
Kaththi 24th Day Collection – 1.38 Cr
Kaththi 25th Day Collection – 1.31 Cr

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