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Vijayawada and Guntur is Andhra Pradesh Capital ?


Vijayawada and Guntur is  Andhra Pradesh state Capitalseema ndhra . People are eagerly waiting to know the new capital for residuary Andhra Pradesh state. Many have predicts that CBN could announce the state capital soon after the completion of taking oath as Chief Minister among the people. Since after the election results came out CBN had send leakages to the media and the public on Capital of the state.

CBN said indirectly that he would work from Guntur temporarily and establishing DGP office in Mangalagiri. All these are supported that Capital would become in between Vijayawada and Guntur. Yesterday, he revealed his intention indirectly during the first Cabinet meeting at his home.

He wants that state capital should always centre of the state. CBN wants to build the capital somewhere in between Vijayawada and Guntur. This time he doesn’t want the Centralized capital like Hyderabad. CBN said all legislative houses like Assembly, Council, Secretariat and Raj Bhavan are in the capital city.

But he wants to form new industries in other places to decentralize the development. CBN wants to procure land from the farmers for land. His intention to exchange the development land to the farmers, so that it would be profitable to them even it sold out.

CBN assured not mandatory to the farmers to give land to the Government. CBN announcement helps to increase the real estate boom in Vijayawada and Guntur.

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